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Connecting people, projects and ideas. Inventing the Internet of the future by taking advantage of the region’s scientific-business potential. Researching and developing new solutions, projects and services based on the most revolutionary technologies and areas of knowledge. IAT, the High Technology Incubator for the Metaverse, aims to become the first public national and international initiative that brings together all the areas of action involved in the development of the Metaverse and revolutionises this new digital world.

If you have projects or initiatives related to Metaverse technologies, IAT is the perfect place to develop them.


Each idea has different needs to reach its full potential, each one is in a different phase of development. For this reason, in IAT we have different programs that adapt to each project.

01 Preincubation

In this phase, we work with ideas in their initial phase to assess them, define a business model and identify the capacity to develop the associated technology.


02 Incubation

Here we work with established or autonomous companies that have a clear project, and we offer them the infrastructure and advice they need to develop or accelerate their business model. In this phase, in addition to access to all IAT laboratories, materials and services, contact with Business Angels and Venture Capital companies is encouraged to obtain investors and financing to allow projects to grow.


03 Consolidation

When projects are mature, they enter our consolidation phase. We are currently trying to strengthen them through high-added-value services aimed at opening new markets, integrating into commercial networks, providing access to networking, accessing the business sphere specialising in Metaverse technologies, etc. This ensures that the project will find its place in the market and expand all over the world.

04 Technology transfer

In IAT, there are also transversal programs that can be applied to any of the phases with which we seek to promote the transfer of technology between the companies we incubate.


These are the companies that are currently growing with us. Different technologies, sectors and sizes, but the same goal: to revolutionise technology.


More than 2,500 square metres have been equipped with the latest technology and are prepared to host companies of various sizes. Laboratories, sound studios, VR rooms, 3D printers, high-end computers, etc. All in an urban, connected and open-24/7 environment.


Our mentoring seeks to take the startups we incubate to the next level. To do this, we work with the highest-level collaborators in three lines.

01 Product

We focus on improving the product by working at different levels: MVP design, technologies, product construction from the legal perspective, UX/UI, product validation, etc. This makes it possible to ensure its usefulness and viability.


02 Business

In this area, we work on the economic and business aspects: the business model, finance, customer acquisition, legal aspects, sales, etc. In addition, we prepare you to successfully face the pitch sessions.


03 Internationalisation

We provide the necessary tools to internationalise your company: market prospecting, grants and subsidies, searching for foreign investors and support institutions, etc. This will give your ideas worldwide reach.


Professional meetings, training sessions, demo days, workshops, pitch sessions, etc. Things are always happening at IAT. Make sure not to miss any.

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